Things To Do If Mis Sold GE Money Mortgage February 27th, 2014

Are you one of the 600 borrowers who were affected financially due to the failure in the system of GE Mortgage?

In fact, you might also be one of them who have not even realised that you are victim of Mis sold GE Money mortgage. In the recent days, there has been increase in the number of mis sold mortgage cases by the banks and different borrowing companies. Irrespective of that, there are many people who are not aware that they are the innocent victims and they can seek a compensation for their losses. Your mortgage account can be audited as per the law in order to ensure you whether misselling has taken place with your mortgage account.

Well, if you are new, you might not even be aware of what are exactly Mis sold GE Money mortgage. Well, there are many rules to know and confirm when you are taking any mortgage loan against any residential property. You should also be aware of the fact that the interest you would end up paying through the mortgage would be far in excess compared to the interest that you would pay if a loan is left alone for financial arrangement.

You would be the victim of Mis sold GE Money mortgage when the mortgage does not tell you about the existing adverse credit to the lender through the adviser. In fact, when mortgages are missold, you as a homeowner would be left with a burden of many debts. This in turn, might often result in repossession of your property by the lender. At the same time, if you are ill-treated by your lender, you are basically becoming the victim of misspelling. In all these cases, you would be able to claim for compensation from tje party responsible for such an action.

Recently, there was a report that the Financial Services Authority has imposed a fine of £1.12 to the company for Mis sold GE Money mortgage. The fine was imposed due to the failure in the entire process of lending. Therefore, if you are a customer of this bank, you can update yourself with the detailed information and consequently, you would be able to claim the compensation for the losses that you suffered. In fact, you can seek the help of reliable experts, or you can also approach the FSA to compensate for the losses. The scandal is increasingly becoming popular and you would not have any problem.