Facing The Situation Of A Mis Sold Rooftop Mortgage? February 26th, 2014

Have you faced an incident of dire financial crisis where you have been suggested to go for mortgage loans?

Well, there are many mortgage loan companies that can offer you mortgage loan to serve your requirements.

It is natural that before deciding the mortgage loan provider, you must have consulted mortgage broker? Have you been suggested by the broker to go for the rooftop mortgage? In that case, you must have also faced the incident of Mis sold Rooftop mortgage. The main reason for this is that rooftop was a renowned mortgage company but they had experienced some problems with the company. As a result, no brokers generally suggest the name of this company in the current scenario.

Income is a very important factor on the basis of which the loans can be given. Different companies have different rates of interest that are charged from the customers. Most of the financial advisers suggest Rooftop mortgage considering the low incomes of individuals. However, since the condition of the company was not good lately, it is a crime on part of the adviser to suggest for rooftop because in such a case the chance of Mis sold Rooftop mortgage was very certain and the same thing happened with you.

Your broker must also have made a payment protection policy against the mortgage loan and this must have made you relieved because you knew that the protection policy would cover the mortgage even when you are in trouble.

Unfortunately that did not happen and you faced Mis sold Rooftop mortgage. It is in fact, very shocking when you find that the details associated with the policy and the loans were not explained to you. At the same time, you must also have been surprised to find that in the annual statement, the bills that were made were never actually availed.

Despite innumerable complaints of Mis sold Rooftop mortgage, you must have met several obstructions and barriers. You must have been told that the fees were very much a part of the mortgage and this addition would continue until the different arrears were cleared. What have you done in such a situation? In fact, with the increasing number of mortgage misspelling, the Financial Services Authority have been expressing their concerns and therefore, now under such a case of misspelling, you would always be able to complain them so that proper actions are taken against these advisers and companies.