Our Fees Our fees to carry out your investigation

No upfront costs

Credit Hero can help you to get back the money you are owed with as little hassle to you as possible. We do not charge an upfront fees

Once your case has been accepted and you have agreed to proceed with our solicitors they will pay us a referral fee.  They will provide you with details of this in writing.

Example of fees

We recover you £2,000.00 from your bank. Our fees on this Would be £600.00 (25% = £500.00 vat = £100.00)

Please note that your bank may uphold other mis-sold PPI that you may have purchased as a result of our approach to them. If this is the case, we will deal with these cases on your behalf and the same charges of 25%+VAT will apply.

Some providers will pay 8% Statutory Interest to your redress payment. Please be advised that this payment is subject to income tax and that it is your duty to inform HMRC of the same. Please note this only refers to the 8% interest should it be offered.

What will I be claiming for? Credit Hero will reclaim:

  • The full cost of the policy
  • Any interest paid on the PPI policy
  • 8% statutory interest in line with the guidelines set out by the Financial Ombudsman Service

How long will it take?

How long your claim takes will depend upon your individual case however most claims are settled in just 8-16 weeks.

How will I receive my PPI compensation?

This will depend on your circumstances as the way your damages are paid to you depends upon whether your loan is still active or not.

What if I’m still paying my loan?

If you are still paying your loan back, you will receive a lump sum of any payments made to date on the policy. What’s more the remaining loan payments will then be reduced accordingly, meaning your monthly repayments will be lower!

I’ve paid off my loan or credit card, can I still reclaim?

Yes you can! If you have paid off your loan, you will receive your PPI refund in a lump sum, most likely in the form of a cheque from the lender.

I have no records or documents from the bank?

Don’t worry we can with your permission recover details of all your credit from the bank allowing us to make the claim for you. The bank usually make a charge for the information of which Credit Hero will beat the full cost. If it turns out you didn’t take out payment protection insurance we will not charge you a single penny.

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